Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picky Eating

For some reason I have issues with food preferences that last about two weeks such as apple cider, gluten free rice twice cereal, miso soup, panda puff gf cereal, chick-fil-a chicken, chicken/veggie soup, certain salad dressings, spicy rice--anything really. I'll eat it for two weeks straight, can't get enough of it- then all of the sudden I'm sick of it and can't stand it. And No, I'm not pregnant so that should eliminate hormone induced cravings--if they exist. I probably never grew out of my picky eating toddler stages. Or maybe it's my limited food options due to Celiac Disease that creates this love hate relationship with food! Latest Obsession:

Now that I'm thinking of food I do have to back up my domestic goddess sister Sarah Kay. Her Turkey Dinner was just as amazing as she described in her blog-- and I just had the left overs! Gluten free stuffing, Wow. I'm willing to do anything for more! When I grow up I hope to cook like my sista Sarah...ok well maybe its too late for that, but I certainly have time to improve-Hang in there Rob. She makes gluten free living/eating not only bearable but enjoyable! Thanks Sarah!

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Laura & Robert said...

Hmm I didn't know it but I was probably like one or two days pregnant when I wrote this, so I lied. haha!