Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picky Eating

For some reason I have issues with food preferences that last about two weeks such as apple cider, gluten free rice twice cereal, miso soup, panda puff gf cereal, chick-fil-a chicken, chicken/veggie soup, certain salad dressings, spicy rice--anything really. I'll eat it for two weeks straight, can't get enough of it- then all of the sudden I'm sick of it and can't stand it. And No, I'm not pregnant so that should eliminate hormone induced cravings--if they exist. I probably never grew out of my picky eating toddler stages. Or maybe it's my limited food options due to Celiac Disease that creates this love hate relationship with food! Latest Obsession:

Now that I'm thinking of food I do have to back up my domestic goddess sister Sarah Kay. Her Turkey Dinner was just as amazing as she described in her blog-- and I just had the left overs! Gluten free stuffing, Wow. I'm willing to do anything for more! When I grow up I hope to cook like my sista Sarah...ok well maybe its too late for that, but I certainly have time to improve-Hang in there Rob. She makes gluten free living/eating not only bearable but enjoyable! Thanks Sarah!

Reflections of Christ

I shared this movie with my Miamaid/Laurel Class on Christmas Sunday, Love it. Share it.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Rob left for Salt Lake this weekend for Brant's wedding - so naturally I had to keep myself busy shopping at the mall to pass some time & I learned something kinda funny about myself. 

I stopped by Macy's to look at curtains (hmm which I never got to) and I wasn't planning on it but I walked by the men's department-- I was knocked over by the strong scent of masculinity.

So then I was willingly seduced into the men's department and then felt the need to browse and was even tempted to buy random ties and shirts that I know Rob would probably roll his eyes at. Why? I absolutely love men's cologne.  And while some people may be annoyed at the strong scent of 284579 bottles of cologne I must confess that I think it's the sexiest thing ever!  I don't normally love men's shopping-probably because my husband hates shopping for clothes and doesn't really love anything that I pick out for him but last night I didn’t mind browsing in the cologne-saturated Macy’s.

I didn't realize that I was cologne obsessed but now that I think about it--this probably trickles down from my dad who is also cologne obsessed. I swear he had 3-4 bottles of different scents in the medicine cabinet growing up. And I think one of the first gifts I gave Rob was a pimped out cologne set which he still has 4 1/2 years later, I guess he's not as crazy about it as I am. haha, It's amazing how many ah hah! Moments I still have about myself...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life Lessons

I've been serving as young women's president for a little over a year in my quirky yet cozy ward in Cherry Hill 2-- And although I used to dread it, I have the opportunity to teach the miamaid/laurel classes.  This past Sunday the lesson was on changes-preparing for the assumed/expected, & adapting to life's hiccups along the way. We talked about sickness, weddings, deaths, births, and discussing how we "gladly accepted our challenges in the preexistence". Powerful Lesson. I didn't know that I would actually be thinking about the quotes I lovingly pasted to their handouts.

Since that very lesson I haven't been able to keep anything in my body! Upcoming diet-I think I'll call it N/V/D, (loose 5 lbs in 2 days!) I've spent so much time in the bathroom that I've actually been thinking about new color schemes and subway tile -it even inspired a Home Depot date! Rob can't wait...

Something that I was preparing for but didn't want to think about....the two year lifespan of my overweight fuzzy friend Maisy was quickly approaching. (Call me crazy but I needed a pet!! ) Tonight Rob & I held our fragile panda hamster as she took her last few gasping breaths. As nurses we've seen several people take their last breath (Rob takes a weekly trip to the morgue) and we were surprised to be a little misty eyed as we watched her go. Funny how you can get attached so easily. I guess when you witness a little baby grow into an adult and an old lady-you come to love all of their little preferences (sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, extra fluff for bedding). It was inevitable. I'm glad I had the chance to spoil her rotten with the finest of hamster things (spacious 3 level cage, every chew toy on the market, pink sparkle hamster ball,finest cotton fluff...)

Although it's been kind of a crappy week here at the Card home, the lesson I taught/learned actually helped me laugh at myself and life a little more...& I'll have to be careful of what lesson I signed myself up for next week...
I thought this was interesting:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starting Something New

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